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   Fashion, automotive, interior, marine and aviation:

the multi-faceted nature of Alcantara®no limits . 


Mainly produced in Italy, Alcantara is not a type of leather, it is a trade name for a fabric. It is made of microfibers, which became synthesized. Polyester gives the product strength and polyurethane softness . Alcantara has a very fine structure that feels and visually resembles chamois leather, which is why it is often confused with real leather. Due to the variety of parameters, attention should be paid to the recommendations regarding the use of a specific material, e.g. furniture materials are not suitable for car upholstery.

Specialized tests have proved the unquestionable abrasion resistance of Alcantara. Its abrasion resistance is superior to both textiles and fiber composite materials.


Alcantara's softness is its best known and most amazing feature. To restore products made of Alcantara to their original condition, color and elegance, you only need soap and water. Ease of maintenance is one of the key advantages of Alcantara. The beauty and style of Alcantara will remain intact for a long time, looking like the day it was purchased. Regardless of the type of cleaning used, the colors will stay as vivid as they were when they first started.


Alcantara comes in many colors and variants. It can be embossed, perforated and printed.


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