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 The founder our company, Zbigniew Marliński  in 1976 made his dream come true and opened his car upholstery manufacture in Aleksandrów Łódzki. In 1984, a plot of land in Łódź at Maratońska Street in Lodz was acquired, on which, by the end of 1985, there was built the first building of our company. In 1978, only 1 person was employed. Over the years, the scale of the services provided and the number of new, specialized machines for providing upholstery services resulted in the need to hire more people.

 In the first years of operation of the company, basic upholstery services were provided, mainly repairs and fabric car upholstery. From 1985, the son of the owner, Arkadiusz Marliński, joined the company. From the beginning of the 90s the greater share in the services provided were starting to be leather upholstery. This department, developed by Arkadiusz, led to the signing of the first contract for the supply of our products to brand new cars, among others for Subaru Import Polska. At the end of the 90s, our company developed services in the upholstery sector from the AVIATION department.

 In 2004 the manufacture building was demolished and in its place a new building was erected, which  is still in use today. In the same year, we started cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense in the field of interior upholstery of government airplanes and helicopters.

 To this day, we cooperate with numerous car showrooms throughout the country. We provide services on a European scale in the field of both old and new motorization, in the field of car and aviation interiors. Since 2017 alone, we implemented four large government projects, incl. production of exclusive VIP upholstery in the Mi-8 helicopters.

Currently, the company is run and developed by Arkadiusz Marliński together with experienced staff . 



Our Crew

Our team, unchanged for years, is a great advantage of the company.  Our workers are people with a huge baggage of experience in the field of car upholstery. Such a long work experience in one profession provides enormous experience in working with any type of car, new, old or vintage. Our employees have no problems with making a leather steering wheel or reconstructing styles in antique armchairs. Years of work in one profession pay off and we can confidently say that each of the people employed here is a full-fledged, perfect car upholstery, for which no car is terrible. For you, it is a guarantee of very high quality services.

You leave your car in proven, reliable, trustworthy hands.

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