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Price list

Due to the specificity and variety of the services we offer, the prices may vary depending on the complexity and the choice of quality of the raw material.

Sample prices minimal:

   - Upholstery repairs from 100 EUR net
   - Steeringwheels from 180 EUR net

   - Alcantara headliners from 1400 EUR net

   - Basic leather upholstery, including front and rear seats

      and door trim elements from 2200 EUR net

   - Leather / vinyl "Factory" package from 1750 EUR net
  - We do not make covers for seats

   - Standard vinyl coating from 120 
EUR net

   - Extra charge to remake the shape of the saddle from 60 EUR net
   - Stamping and embroidery from 40 EUR net.


   - Sample price of the complete interior for the Cessna 152 aircraft, from 6500 EUR net

   - Price of interior construction in jets, helicopters and others

      larger units, varies depending on many factors and is determined individually



   - Price to be determined after initial consultation

TAPCAR MARLIŃSKI provides a full range of upholstery services

in the automotive, aviation and maritime industries.


     -We make complete leather upholstery for cars and motorcycles, new i used.

     -Complete renovation of vintage cars in the field of car upholstery.

    -We make and renovate complete interiors in civil and passenger airplanes and governmental.

     -We make the steering wheels with leather and car Alcantara, any patterns and colors, bellows and knobs in the leather.

     -We cover car dashboards and interior central consoles with leather.

     -We install ready-made Convertible roofs made of Sonnenland or PVC fabrics. We import them  directly from Germany.

    -We repair and renovate car seats: replace damaged parts.

     -Depending on the model and year of the car, we offer a wide selection of leather perforation, embossing and embroidery.


Put the car in safe hands!

We have been on the market since 1976, we are one of the oldest upholstery companies in Poland. Seventy percent of our employees are people with almost 30 years of professional experience.

The TAPCAR MARLIŃSKI company does not work with cheap Italian car leathers from domestic wholesalers that are not very reliable and proven, which offer the above-mentioned leather as originals. Thanks to contracts signed with manufacturers, we offer the highest quality materials.


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