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Leather is our main material for the production of upholstery . 

We took care of the highest quality of the obtained raw material .  We have been constantly cooperating with the best tanneries in Europe for 30 years. Wollsdorf Leather and Bader are our suppliers specializing in the production of automotive and aviation leather.


The leather factory in Wollsdorf is one of the best producers of high-quality leather for the furniture, automotive, aviation and marine upholstery industries (15% share in global production). Leather from the Wollsdorf factory is also used in other areas, such as desktop coverings, dashboards and motorbike coveralls, while meeting high quality standards. The leather produced in Wollsdorf comes exclusively from selected breeds of cattle from Austria and southern Germany. These species of cattle are in demand in the leather industry and their skins are of the right size and high quality . 

The factory in Wollsdorf is the largest supplier of automotive leather for steering wheels

Car Leather "COOL" Wollsdorf as the only tannery in the world has produced a special Leather "COOL" that reflects 80-90% of the sun rays. As a result, the skin left in the sun

Our OLD TIMER department works with leather tanned with the technology from the years 40s-50s-60s.
These skins are characterized by a unique scent, specific production properties and the "vintage" look of a bygone era. Their highest quality is guaranteed by the tanning process using techniques that are no longer used today  due to high production costs. Such leathers are produced by small, usually family-run tanneries, focused only on the needs of the old car restoration market.

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