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Under the names of Vinyl, Skai, Eco-leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather there is a material that looks like leather, but is not. It is a leather-like material for the upholstery industry. Imitates bull, calf and exotic animal skins. A properly selected synthetic blend and carrier materials make this material virtually indistinguishable from natural leather. These products meet the most stringent flame retardant standards, which, combined with great resistance to abrasion and tearing, predispose them to be used in furnishing public facilities and other products exposed to intensive use. It comes in a wide variety of colors and grain patterns and has excellent aging and scratch resistance.

In almost every car there are surfaces with elements covered with artificial leather. These are both hard plastic parts, such as the dashboard, steering wheel and door handles, as well as seats, which are covered with natural leather, may have elements of artificial leather. For example, the seat upholstery of factory cars  in the so-called "Leather Package", are made of natural leather only in contact with the human body, while other areas, such as the back and sides, are upholstered with artificial leather. Its unique tactile and optical properties make customers often unaware that at least some of the car seat surfaces are covered with it . 

Artificial leathers are suitable for medical applications - they are resistant to blood, urine and disinfectants, and the special chemical formula used prevents the formation of mold colonies, e.g. dental chairs, massage tables, etc. 

They are also used outdoors, in particular in garden furniture, motorcycle seats and the yacht industry. They are resistant to salt water and UV radiation. Microperforation used in the production of many materials causes the free flow of air and water vapor, which significantly improves the comfort of use.

Artificial leather is also used in means of transport, where cleaning of such elements must be carried out quickly and with the use of "harsher" means.


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